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A new year is upon us! By now I’m sure you’ve had at least one conversation on social media, in person, or with yourself around something you want to change in 2019. How can you get better?

How can you grow? What will your New Year’s resolution be? What new goals will you set for yourself?

Honestly, most new year endeavors fail. As a matter of fact, Michael Hyatt, author of 5 Days To Your Best Year Ever., recently communicated that 92 percent of New Year’s resolutions fail.

I want to give you one simple thing you can do in 2019. One thing that all of us, no matter our age or life circumstance, desperately need to do: learn more about money.

As mentioned in this video, finances are often a cause of stress or some sort of entanglement. We believe that money ought to enhance your life, and one of the best way to ensure this result is with knowledge.

2019 needs to be a year where our society becomes better educated about finances. A year where each of us has a much better understanding of an absolutely important piece of our lives.

Being enlightened in these areas will help to make your finances life enhancing.

Here is the good news: learning more about money is easy. The amount of effort it takes to achieve this 2019 goal is minimal. You can do it in three steps:

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