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Many of you know Greg Suiter as a Home Loan Advisor here at Stewardship, but we want you to know a bit more about him.

Greg collects coins, loves woodworking, and once swam in the ocean during a hurricane. He is a father, husband, and servant. He and his wife Shannon have two beautiful children: Joey and Natalie. Joey is well-known around the office because he often comes in to share doughnuts with everyone. His smile and enthusiastic personality are refreshing. When Natalie visits her daddy, she walks around the office and brings joy with just one look. Greg’s wife Shannon is not only an amazing mama to her two babes, she is a great support. Though flexibility is one of the perks at working at Stewardship, there are times when extra hours need to be put in, which means Shannon is putting in extra hours at home. Thankfully, she understands and stands behind the mission of Stewardship and actively does her part to help Greg love more people through home loans.

What’s the most important thing about Greg? He genuinely cares for you.

The mortgage and banking world is full of people who will do anything they can to make money. As mentioned in this blog, mortgage professionals are compensated more when they give you a higher rate. Most home loan originators intentionally try to make the process more confusing to hide fees and increase their profit. Greg is different.

My office is across the hall from Greg’s. As a result, I get to see what his in-office appointments look like. A meeting with Greg is never about him. It is always about you. You see, he loves to educate. He will spend as much time as he can with people to ensure they completely understand all the important pieces of the home loan process. Greg peels back the curtain to show all the “dirty secrets” the mortgage industry hides. He loves creating “ah-ha” moments when people feel powerfully enlightened as a result of his communication. People walk into his office as strangers, intimidated about the process, but leave smiling and laughing, taking steps of confidence.

On Greg’s website,, he describes what he does with this: “Your personal home loan advisor. More confidence. Less stress.” Again, it’s always about how Greg can serve you well.

Here’s how Greg makes a home loan into something life enhancing:

  1. Meet in comfort.
  2. Receive a customized home loan plan.
  3. Be confident in your decisions.

Most mortgage professionals don’t care about their income more than they care about you. However, Greg is different. Recently, he came into my office to tell me that a person he knew chose to use a different mortgage company instead of using him. It was a Builder’s Lender offering an “incentive.” Yet another example of how the home loan world will play tricks to make more money off of you.

His response was awesome. He wasn’t mad that he lost out on an opportunity for income. He was upset because knew that person wasn’t going to get the best deal. He knew they were getting a home loan that would have a higher rate, costing them thousands of dollars over the life of the loan. That frustrated him. Why? Because he genuinely cares about you.

Are you looking for a personal home loan advisor that will give you confidence? Schedule an appointment with Greg below, and experience his genuine care.