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We have a lot to be thankful for: family, friends, health, and much more.

At Stewardship, we are specifically thankful for our community. Throughout this past year, we have been able to serve our community in more ways than ever before.

A decade ago, Stewardship started out as a mortgage company and now, we have evolved into a full service personal financial team. The joke about us is, “We can help you with every area of your personal finances except taxes and getting you a raise.”

The reason we have grown is because of the ways our community has allowed us to flourish. We’ve been entrusted with many aspects of our community’s finances and we don’t take this trust lightly. We take pride in it and hold it as a responsibility to be properly managed. This is why we have grown our expertise—to serve those who have trusted us to the fullest.

THANK YOU! Genuinely, thank you. If you’re reading this, you have likely trusted us in one way or another. That trust means more to us than we can ever fully express. The Stewardship team pours so much into serving you. When you allow us to serve you, it brings us incredible joy.

Our purpose: To love people through finances.

Thank you for allowing us to have employment with a purpose.

Although we’ve served more people than ever before, there are a lot who aren’t familiar with all the ways we love our community through finances. Because of this, we’re giving away a swag bag, which includes Apple AirPods, Stewardship gear, and more! Please fill out this questionnaire for a chance to win. Upon completing the linked survey, you will be entered into a raffle.

Can you guess all the ways we serve our community?

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