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Top Agent Magazine - Grant Botma ImageGrant Botma, Founder of Stewardship Mortgage in Gilbert Arizona approaches his job with a true servant’s heart. His company’s stated mission of “loving people through a mortgage” is no mere catchphrase, and he and his company strive to provide the most competitive financing available while keeping each of their client’s best interests at heart.

Grant, who also owns an insurance agency and financial planning firm, began his journey in the world of finance when he was still in high school. “I was working as a credit card collector,” he recalls, “and was consistently receiving top marks.” A few years later, a youth group counselor playfully challenged him to demonstrate his ability to collect debt, and Grant impressed him with the personal, empathetic approach that he utilized to great success. “He was kind of trying to embarrass me in front of the other kids,” Grant recalls with a laugh. “I didn’t know it at the time, but he also owned a mortgage company, and he ended up offering me a job and teaching me the mortgage industry.” That was in 2001, and since then Grant has solidly established himself as one of the most successful loan originators in the business.

Grant is rightfully proud of Stewardship Mortgage, as it was recently awarded “Mortgage Broker of The Year” for Arizona. “We have an average closing time right now of only nineteen days,” he says. “But the big thing is price. We not only have extremely competitive negotiated rates with our lenders, but we also have a flat fee for origination. So regardless of loan amount, our clients are still going to get charged the same. Basically, there is next to no one in the state who can beat us when the loan amount is over $200,000. We encourage people to shop around because when they do, they almost always come back to us.”

Another very vital factor in Stewardship’s success is their authentic, truly caring approach and a compassionate ethos that imbues every transaction. “This may sound weird,” says Grant, “but we really want to make people feel loved as they go through the mortgage process. We want to completely educate them and provide for them an experience that matches the emotions they have attached to becoming a homeowner.” It’s no secret that many people find the financial side of buying a home overwhelming and
mysterious, so Grant and his eighteen equally-dedicated employees work hard to put their clients at ease. “Our offices are very unique, and we try to do as many appointments in person as possible,” explains Grant. “They get served delicious coffee or tea, and we seat them on a couch when they meet with the originator. There’s a big-screen TV, and we go over all their options on it. We educate them on what all their options are, and what might be best for them. We make it very comfortable for them as we position ourselves as their wise advisor.”

Ironically, Grant does not like mortgages, a paradox that allows him a fair share of empathy with his clients. “I don’t know anyone who really likes mortgages,” he says. “But what I like most about what I do is that I’m able to take something people don’t like and make that experience at least somewhat enjoyable. I want to ensure that as they move forward that the financing that we’ve help set up for them are going to enhance their lives.”

Giving back to his community is extremely important to Grant, and he does so in a myriad of ways. As a board member who helped start the Arizona division of the Midwest Food Bank, he provides sustenance for the indigent in his community. He is also extremely active in his church, where he serves by teaching Financial Peace University. He also donates at year’s end some of the profits from his business to charities selected by each of his employees.

When he’s not working, Grant loves spending time with his wife and children, all of whom are avid baseball fans. “We have season tickets to Chicago Cubs Spring Training here in Arizona, and we like to go to as many of those games as we can.”

Looking to the future, Grant’s plan is to continue growing his business so he can provide as many in his community as he can with the very best service available in the mortgage industry. With over 800 reviews from satisfied customers, their word-of-mouth has been their primary source of referrals. However, Grant plans on implementing some intentional marketing methods, including a larger social media presence.

“We’ve grown every year,” says Grant of Stewardship. “That’s great, but we want to make an even bigger impact on our community. If people are closing a deal and it’s not with us, there’s a very good chance that it was not what was best for them or not the best possible deal. I want to make sure everyone in our community has an opportunity to close a transaction with us.”

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