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Medi-Share is a healthcare sharing ministry for those who believe there is a Biblical and affordable way to manage your healthcare. As an alternative to health insurance, Medi-Share organizes a way for its members to share their money for each other’s eligible medical bills.

How it Works
Each month, members deposit their monthly share amount to their share account. The monthly share amount is used with other Medi-Share members in need. The monthly share amount is determined by your age, the number of Medi-Share members in your household, and the annual household portion that you select. Your annual household portion (AHP), is the amount you pay each year for your medical bills before other members share with you. Selecting a smaller AHP means you will have a higher monthly share amount, while selecting a higher AHP means a lower monthly share amount.

For small needs, Medi-Share provides a convenient way for members to access a board-certified doctor through its Tele-Medicine Program. This no-cost program allows you to get treated and even get a prescription completely virtually. To access a provider through Medi-Share’s network, you will show your membership card at the doctor’s office and pay a small provider fee (usually $35). Then, your bill will be sent directly to Medi-Share for processing. Once you reach your AHP, your eligible medical bills are shared by other members!

Biblical Basis
The Medi-Share community reflects the early church in Acts:

“All the believers were one in heart and mind. No one claimed that any of their possessions was their own, but they shared everything they had.” Acts 4:32

Besides sharing in each other’s medical bills, members encourage one another and have the opportunity to lift each other up in prayer!

Furthermore, unlike health insurance, you can be certain that your money is not going to support medical procedures contrary to Biblical commands.

Most members can find savings of around 50% when compared to health insurance! The affordability offered by Medi-Share has allowed families to save hundreds of dollars each month. Curious how much Medi-Share would cost for you and your family? Find out here!

Do you have Biblically-based healthcare?
Though recently popular due to the changes in health insurance laws, Medi-Share has been providing an affordable, Biblical healthcare option since 1993! In this time, 100% of eligible needs have been shared and over $2.3 billion in medical needs have been shared and discounted. If Medi-Share is right for you, we make it easy for you to sign up! Have questions? Talk with Ryan, our Medi-Share representative.