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When buying or selling a home, you’re faced with some tough decisions. Questions you might find yourself debating include:

  • Should I use a realtor, a tech company, or do it myself?
  • If I use a realtor, who should I choose?
  • How can I make sure I get the most for my money while protecting my legal liability?

These may seem trivial, but I assure you – the answers to these questions are a big deal.

Realtor, For Sale by Owner, Or Tech Company

A real estate transaction is not simple. There’s more to it than sell, move out, buy, and move in. So many people forget that real estate transactions require pages of legal documentation. Home buying and selling carry an unbelievable amount of legal liability and gigantic financial pitfalls. That is why I strongly recommend hiring a realtor.

On your own:

  • In my expertise, I equate this to representing yourself in a court case. Sure, you may save money by not paying a professional, but you will lose a lot of money by not getting the best sales price, and you will lose even more money by ending up on the wrong end of a legal suit as a result of lack of knowledge and industry expertise.

Tech Company:

  • Yes, the technology is beautifully designed, and that intelligent design can make everything simple. But what you sacrifice for that simplicity is proper legal representation and value. Most tech companies do not independently represent only one side of the transaction. They represent both the buyer and the seller. With that in mind, ask yourself—who are they for? You, or the other party? The answer: neither. They are for themselves. And that is validated by the thousands of dollars you leave on the table when working with a company like this.


  • A competent, full-time professional will put your needs before their own.


How to Choose the Right Realtor

We have the honor of working with hundreds of realtors every year. Below are some things you can look for to help you choose an awesome realtor.

1. Full Time.

Working with a realtor who puts the hours will have a much greater understating of the process and the market.

2. Knowledge About Houses.

Knowing about the home process and legalities are important, but you want someone who knows more. Look for someone able to point out potential issues with the property and advise you through the process.

3. Communication.

Many realtors get you into a contract and move on to their next lead. You want someone who is willing to answer your calls, texts, and emails. More importantly, you want someone who will proactively communicate with you.

4. Genuinely Cares. 

Realtors get paid a lot—and they deserve it—but do they care about people more than money? To be honest, most will try to talk you into a more expensive transaction to earn additional commission, even if it’s not best for you financially. Look for a realtor who will keep you within your desired budget.
If you aren’t confident you know a Realtor who possesses the above traits, we would be happy to help. Schedule an appointment with us, and we would be happy to create an introduction to someone we trust.