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A mortgage is a huge deal—one of the biggest purchases most people will ever make. Because of this, you’ll want to be sure the company you choose to work with is trustworthy.

But, how can you tell? Are they genuinely looking to do what is best for you?

Here is one way to find out.

The Switcheroo
Step 1: You receive a mortgage quote from “Shady Mortgages Unlimited.”

Step 2: A friend advises you to get a second opinion from “Helpful Mortgage LLC.” They are able to provide a competitive estimation that is less expensive by thousands of dollars.

Step 3: You send the more competitively priced deal from Helpful Mortgage LLC to Shady Mortgage Unlimited. Mr. Shady at Shady Mortgages magically provides a new and improved option that is slightly less expensive than Helpful Mortgage LLC.

Now What?
Most people think this is good news. They think that the slightly less expensive option from Shady Mortgage is the one to choose. But is it?

In step 1, Shady Mortgage Unlimited was trying to charge you thousands of extra dollars. You have to ask, does Mr. Shady genuinely care about you? Yes, he eventually came down in price, but it could be argued that he was trying to take advantage of you in his initial offer. In step 3, Mr. Shady came back with a “better deal,” but is it really better? Are the slightly lower costs worth entering a relationship with Shady Mortgages Unlimited? This mortgage is something you will be paying on for years. Is it being put together with your needs in mind?

The Bait & Switch
It’s well documented that obtaining a mortgage is not the simplest thing. Throughout the process, there are facets that can dramatically impact the financial structure of the transaction. Shady Mortgages Unlimited already showed they care more about their profit than your needs. How do you know they won’t change their rates or fees later in the transaction?

This Is Trustworthy
Look for an organization that’s willing to give you the best possible mortgage from the start. Magically shaving thousands of dollars off solely based on an individual’s ability to negotiate is just plain wrong. At Stewardship, we give everyone the best deal possible from the beginning of the mortgage process – regardless of who they are.

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