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The answer to this question depends on a couple factors:

  1. Does this person want to drive the car for a one-time or temporary use?
  2. Is the potential borrower an individual (non-spouse/child) who lives in your household or has regular access to your car? 

One-Time or Temporary Use

Most auto insurance companies have built in “permissive usage” for temporary or one-time use. So, if someone you trust needs to borrow your car for a short period, it should be fine. However, each insurance company has defined “permissive usage” differently. As a result, it’s wise to talk with your insurance agent to gain a better understanding of your policy details.

Same Household or Regular Access

If someone lives in your household and has regular access to your car, they need to be added as a driver on your auto insurance policy. When adding this person to your policy, the cost of the insurance will likely increase. However, if the person has their own auto insurance, there may be an option to add them to your policy as a “non-rated” driver depending on your carrier and the situation. If you can add them as a non-rated driver it won’t impact your premium. But you need to be aware that just because they have their own insurance policy it doesn’t mean your insurance won’t be affected in the event of a claim that involves them driving your vehicle. Two insurance companies being involved adds complexity to a claim. As a result, we strongly recommend talking with your agent to ensure that ALL household drivers are properly listed on your policy.

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