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I have the honor of working hand-in-hand with hundreds of realtors each year. It’s great! As I work with them, I experience many “behind the scenes” moments with these realtors that shape their transactions. However, there is a hard truth—there are thousands of realtors in the state of Arizona, and many of them are not exceptionally good. But, through this experience, I have found a few absolutely outstanding realtors. One of them is “The #BaconRealtor.”
Who is The #BaconRealtor?
Kirk Erickson - The #BaconRealtor ImageHis name is Kirk Erickson. His better half is Brittany Erickson. Together, they have a beautiful little girl named Charlotte and a new baby boy named Bear.

Kirk is notorious for creating unique experiences for his customers. He stops at nothing to meticulously evaluate all the details about a person and a transaction. He then responds to that evaluation by making as many experiences as awesome as possible. One of the things he has been known to do is purchase tasty treats for people—like bacon (Who doesn’t like bacon?). From there, his customers started sharing their experiences with Kirk by posting them on social media. Many posted with the hashtag #BaconRealtor. Check out some of those social media posts here.
Why is he outstanding?
Kirk’s purpose in life, and as a professional real estate agent, is to love people. I have seen over and over again how he puts this statement into action. He abundantly serves and cares for his customers in ways many wouldn’t think of. He schedules time daily to look at all his relationships to see what he can be doing to make someone feel loved. There is no checklist or ceiling for effort. He loves with everything he has. 
Combine the above with his deep understanding of home values, Arizona, neighborhoods, buying and selling homes, behavioral science, home renovations, construction, and much more, and you got yourself an absolutely outstanding real estate agent. 
Who is on his team?
All outstanding people have other exceptional people supporting them. Kirk’s team is made of up equally awesome people that have the same heart he does. Together, he and his team have every aspect of real estate covered. Some of his amazing team members include: Mike Rudder and Chris Lundberg.
What does this mean?
There are real estate agents, and there are outstanding real estate agents. Kirk and his team are outstanding. I strongly endorse them and believe you should get to know them as you consider buying or selling a home. 

You can schedule a time to meet with Kirk at
And if you’re on Instagram, I’d give him a follow—his stories are awesome.