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You may have seen this term used when researching financial or insurance experts. Chances are, you have noticed some professionals are listed as an Endorsed Local Provider (ELP) and others are not. But what exactly is an ELP, and what makes them different? If you break down the words in the title, a general understanding of an ELP can be attained. However, it does leave a few questions:

  1. Who are they endorsed by?
  2. Who are they local to?
  3. What do they provide?

The title “Endorsed Local Provider” was created by the man who offers the endorsement—Dave Ramsey. Ramsey is one of the most trusted names in the world of finance. He is a personal finance expert, nationally syndicated radio host, and author. He has sold over 10 million books, has approximately 13 million weekly radio listeners, and has over 4.5 million graduates from his personal finance class, Financial Peace University.

Because of his reputation, people are often asking Ramsey, “Who should I use for my auto, home, or health insurance?”. Dave Ramsey created his ELP program to confidently refer people to insurance professionals. He takes the guesswork out of choosing an insurance agent by hand-picking professionals who adhere to his standards.

Prior to certification, all ELPs are required to go through a careful interview process. They must deliver excellent advice, provide outstanding customer service, and have the heart of a teacher.

Home, auto, and health insurance are all different based on your state of residence. Ramsey picks insurance professionals specific to a geographic area. That way they will know how to accurately and properly serve the people who live in that area. The “local” part of ELP means they are sure to be one of the best insurance agents in your city.

Insurance is one of the most important purchasing decisions that can be made. A good specialist can help you get on a plan that fits your budget and needs. Insurance ELPs provide auto, home, health, business, and other insurance services. They provide these with speed, convenience, education, and quality—all things consistent with the teachings of Dave Ramsey.

The bottom line is a Dave Ramsey ELP is an insurance professional you can trust.

Grant Botma, the owner of Stewardship Insurance, is an ELP. If you want to talk with our ELP team, fill out the form below.


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