Dave Ramsey is one of the most trusted names in personal finance. Through his radio show, podcast, conferences, books, and his Financial Peace University, Dave has been a leader in helping people get on their financial feet, pay off debt, and build wealth. As a result, Dave often has people asking who to trust with financial matters like insurance, real estate, and investments. From these questions, the ELP (Endorsed Local Provider) and SmartVestor programs were born.

A SmartVestor Pro is an investment or financial planning professional that has been vetted through Dave Ramsey’s office and is listed on his website. These individuals agree to a specific code of ethics and align with Dave on his personal finance philosophy and investment strategy.

Here are three things all SmartVestor Pros have in common:

1. SmartVestors focus on the long term.
SmartVestors have passed Dave Ramsey’s vetting.
3. SmartVestors pay to be listed on Dave’s site, a fee we cover—not you.

Though we share the same code of ethics, there are a few areas where SmartVestor Pros differ:

1. How is a SmartVestor Pro paid to manage investments? (Want to see the breakdown of how advisers are paid? Read our blog here!) Advisers and Brokers are paid differently. Make sure you know the cost of your investments. If your broker is charging a commission, also known as a load, on the funds, your broker is not acting in a fiduciary capacity, which brings up the next point.

2. Is the professional acting in a fiduciary capacity? Sometimes professionals can act as salesman, sometimes as a fiduciary, or sometimes they act as both. At Stewardship, we have chosen to only act in a fiduciary capacity. This limits conflicts of interest and allows us to do only what we feel is financially best for you. Bottom line: we genuinely want to serve you. 

Before choosing your SmartVestor, we’d encourage you to interview several experts and find one you really connect with. We at Stewardship Financial believe we can uniquely serve you, but most importantly, we want to make sure you find the right professional.

Working with a Dave Ramsey SmartVestor Pro has tremendous value, and we would love to help you understand how to add that to your financial picture.

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