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Deciphering Medicare and Medicaid can be tricky. They sound the same, they both help cover health care expenses, and they are each government programs. But believe it or not, that’s where the similarities end. Below, we’ve outlined some of the specifics of each program to help you learn more about their differences.

This program is only for those of retirement age—65 or older—or for those with one of these qualified disabilities. Though Medicare is a government program, there are no income limits to qualify for this type of health care. Age is the primary prerequisite.

Medicare is broken up into four parts:
Part A – Covers Hospitalization
Part B – Covers most normal medical expenses other than hospitalization
Part C – Replaces Part A and Part B. It covers what Parts A and B cover, but has a larger network of physicians and medical facilities.
Part D – Covers Prescriptions

Should I or my loved ones get Medicare?
Yes! Health Care is expensive. Medicare was designed by the government to help citizens reduce health care expenses as they increase with age. It is something each of us pay into as part of Social Security, so taking advantage of it when we qualify is an excellent idea.

PRO TIP: Open Enrollment for Medicare is between October 15 and December 7. Make sure you talk with an independent health insurance agent each year during this time to ensure you have the correct Part D coverage for your prescriptions.

Unlike Medicare, Medicaid is limited to those of lesser financial means. If ones’ assets are unable to fully pay for traditional health care, Medicaid helps fill that personal financial gap. Medicaid is a joint program funded by the federal and state government. In Arizona, the Medicaid program is called AHCCCS (Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System).

Should I or my loved ones get Medicaid?
If you are of lesser financial means, yes! To see if you qualify, check here.

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