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Weaving through health insurance can be confusing. It’s tough to understand what exactly those steep monthly premiums are paying for, especially if you ever find yourself faced with a large medical bill. With all the politics that now go into choosing a healthcare provider, it only adds additional elements when searching for your best option. Since the inception of the Affordable Care Act, health insurance in Arizona has become expensive and frankly, lacking in options.

Let’s take a look at some facts regarding traditional health insurance within the state:

At Stewardship, we pride ourselves in ensuring our customer’s personal finances are properly managed. This is why we offer an alternative to the expensive Affordable Care Act health insurance. Our choice is called Medical Bill Sharing.

What is Medical Bill Sharing’s advantage?
Though it is not health insurance, it does have similar features. There are required payments/contributions, covered expenses, and ID cards. For more detailed information on all the in’s and out’s, check out our Medical Bill Sharing page.

The great news is that on average, the cost of Medical Bill Sharing is 50 percent less than traditional health insurance. Joining a medical bill sharing community can save you thousands of dollars per year.

The Ethical Dilemma
When insurance customers make monthly premium payments to a health insurance company, a portion of these payments gets put into an account. The insurance company will withdrawal from this account when they need to pay claims. Essentially, health insurance companies use some of the money you pay to cover the health expenses of others.

The Affordable Care Act requires health insurance companies to pay for certain expenses, including abortion and contraceptives. This means your premiums are helping pay for these things, which you may not agree with.

This is where Medical Bill Sharing is different. It offers a faith-based standard of covered expenses, to which each person consents prior to becoming a member. As a result, your Medical Bill Sharing contributions will never go toward paying for something you don’t ethically agree upon.

Who chooses this option?
I do! Stewardship strategically created a relationship with Medical Bill Sharing to offer more options to our customers. In fact, this particular option is so good, I switched my family from traditional health insurance to Medical Bill Sharing right away and our experience has been great! I have a family of 5 and only pay $212 a month.

Exempt from the ACA tax
The Affordable Care Act includes a special provision for members of Healthcare Sharing Ministries, so Medical Bill Sharing members are exempt from the mandate to purchase insurance or face financial penalties. You can review the details of the Affordable Care Act in Section 1501, page 148.

To join me and many others who desire an alternative to Affordable Care Act health insurance, schedule an appointment with our Medical Bill Sharing expert below.