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3. Mortgages are easier than you think.

My customers are often surprised at how much they can afford, and how much less daunting the process of getting a mortgage really is than it seemed when they started out. I try to smooth out the process of getting paperwork done and translating jargon, so that they never feel overwhelmed.

Mortgages really don’t have to be intimidating or complicated. It’s important that you make a smart decision up front when you’re picking a broker and a loan product (don’t get taken in by teaser rates). But the actual process is way easier than you think, and the payments really can be something you are able to afford.

I love it when people talk about to me about mortgages before they really need one. I can help them get their finances in order, so that down the road the banks look at them as better borrowers, and they get better loan terms. I offer real explanations, so you can see mortgages aren’t so difficult after all.

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