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When it comes to money, what gives you joy? What causes you pain?

Giving Joyfully:

Honestly, the times that I’ve used money in order to give have never been the painful times. They’re the joyful times. There’s a bit of resistance at first, letting go of something. But then, my heart expands – I feel enthusiastic to be part of other people’s lives and to love them financially. Giving should be joyful.

Spending Painfully:

On the other hand, my biggest regrets with money involve spending it. Times I’ve paid too much for something that didn’t deliver like it promised, or didn’t last. After the initial euphoria of a big purchase, I feel the loss. And I’ve seen in the lives of people I know the painful consequences of spending beyond their means.

Spending should be painful up front. It should hurt at the point of purchase so it doesn’t come back to hurt years later. That feeling of resistance to letting go of money? That should go along with spending it, not giving it.

Obviously, as an Insurance guy and a Mortgage guy, I’m big on saving money. (Banks and insurance companies really don’t need our donations). But I don’t think the reason for saving money in this way is to have more money to spend somewhere else. The point of being careful with your money now isn’t to go out and be careless with it later by buying a more expensive car.

What really gives me joy in life is being able to take that money I’ve saved and then give it to a cause I really believe in. That’s why Stewardship is a supporter of the people who live in Tumelong Village through Orchard: Africa. (Seriously, read about the awesome things our customers are helping with).

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