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In my last post, I described the “game” that some people find themselves in with their mortgage broker. Stewardship doesn’t play this game. We do exactly the opposite.

Instead of setting up your expectations for one set of costs up front and gradually inching it up higher, we set your expectations up front based on the worst case scenario for your loan.

As the process goes on, instead of having to constantly reevaluate your decision after getting attached to the house to see if you can still afford it, the most I have to call you about is a pleasant surprise.

When the day of the closing comes, you’re not alone with the notary public. I show up to the closing, so I can answer any questions you have before you sign a loan agreement.

I show up to the closing.

If that doesn’t surprise you, then you haven’t bought a house before. There must be less than one in a thousand mortgage brokers who show up to the closing with their clients. I have a reputation among notaries public – I’m “that guy who shows up to the closing.” Practically no one else does it.

It’s a small thing, but I think simply being present to make sure there are no surprises and no confusion means a lot to someone who is signing such a big commitment.

Instead of setting you up to be cheated, I set you up to be satisfied.

You win the game!

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