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Wanting vengeance is a natural response to injustice.

When it comes to people who treat you in the wrong way, there’s a time for forgiveness. But what do you do when your insurance company treats you in the wrong way? Not that it breaks the law. But it raises your rates, ignores your loyalty, or just downright insults you.

One response people instantly have is to try to punish the company. “I’ll take my business elsewhere! That’ll show them!”

Sadly, it won’t. Your insurance company is huge. Your premium is like a drop in Lake Pleasant to them. You don’t hurt them at all by leaving.

You do hurt yourself if you switch your policy to another company that charges you more for less coverage.

I’ve had many customers who want to punish their insurance company. As their independent agent, I’m on their team. I’ll get them quotes from other companies, and if they can switch without spending more money, I encourage them to do it. But often their original insurer, the one that suddenly raised their rates, still offers them a far lower rate than the competition. Then I remind them that insurance isn’t relational, it’s transactional.

If your insurance company has done you wrong, join me in hating insurance because it isn’t relational. Then let me help you put aside the desire for you to “get even”, to see how you can best steward your finances in the long term.

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