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Imagine you’ve been friends with someone for years. You help them out all the time, because you trust they would lend you a hand if ever you got into trouble. You were loyal and faithful.

Then, one day, they call you up.

“I’m sorry, we can’t be friends anymore.”

“Why not?” Was it something you said?

“Because you’re 35 years old,” they say, “and because you live in 85202.” As if this explains everything.

Turns out that too many of their friends your age in your zip code have asked for help lately. You never asked for help, but they’re dumping all their friends like you. Too much risk you’ll need a favor.

Some friend.

Now suppose that instead of a friend, it was your insurance company. You were faithful and loyal to them for years. Then, because of events that had nothing to do with you, they increased your payments, or even dropped you as a customer. You might feel the same way you did towards your ex-friend.

But your insurance carrier isn’t supposed to be your friend. It’s a business. They can’t possibly keep track of the personal situations of all of their customers. They have to work with statistics about large groups of people.

That’s yet another reason to have your relationship be with an independent agent, a person who can help you move your business around to different carriers so you won’t go without coverage. Save the loyalty for an independent insurance agent who cares, not the insurance company.

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