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“The Deficit”. Isn’t it sad that a word meant to describe something becomes a noun for our country’s financial situation? Ever wonder how we got here? The answer to that question is debatable as there are a number of factors involved. However, I believe the problem is simple.

Our government spends more money than it has coming in.

It’s frustrating to me that some of the most intelligent minds in America, some of the richest people in America, our elected officials have a spending problem.  What’s more frustrating is the example it leaves for the rest of us. Is there really any wonder why bankruptcies and foreclosures are being filed at an alarming rate? Are we really surprised when we see consumer debt is at an all-time high? How are we as citizens supposed to act if our leaders are over spending? Our society is in the midst of a self-made epidemic, a sickness of spending.

So what do we do about it? We learn from others mistakes. We change our mind set and do the exact opposite of what our leaders are doing. We create a budget and stick to it.  Imagine that for a moment. No more guessing with your money. Give every dollar that comes from each pay check a name. While you name each dollar make sure you name some “savings” and “pay off debt”.

Listing all the money you have coming in and creating a place for all of it as it goes out is not a hard task. However, I understand that controlling spending and saying “no” to self is. But that is no excuse. Shouldn’t our government, our countries leaders have self-discipline? Shouldn’t you?

Be disciplined. Make a budget. Stick to it. Cure the spending sickness!

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